What is the #First1000Days campaign by Nestle, all about?

Nestle Pakistan recently launched a new initiative by the name of “Start Healthy – Stay Healthy”

Under the same banner, the very important aspect covering pre-post natal health aspects were also covered, majoring around the #First1000Days of your off springs life. Starting from the time of conception, all the way to the 2nd year of your child’s growth, nutrition for yourself and your baby’s growth and development is pivotal.

From the fabled totkay passed on to the confused self diagnosis that most young couples end up with it, its always better to consult a professional to get your nutritive requirements right. Eating well during pregnancy and breast feeding, to feeding the right things to your baby in their initial years, Nestle provides all that and more via its range of products; such as calcium enriched milk, adult food products to baby food products.

So now, if you are planning to give birth to a healthy child or are just looking after your own well-being to pave the way to healthy mother hood in the future, read up more about how nestle’s products can help you in various stages of life ->¬†HERE!


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