Top picks from the #Bohemian Crunch’17

For those of you who are from Karachi and know what the event, Bohemian Crunch was all about; Hi! Skip the next para then read on!

For those who don’t know, Bohemian Crunch is the little sister of The Crafters Expo. Both are from the annual series of exhibitions arranged by The Crafters Guild / Firefly; featuring stalls from crafters from all categories, apparel, shoes, accessories, skincare, food, gifts, stationary, home decor *breathes* and much more.

And like every year, I knew i wasn’t going to come back empty handed from there. However, this is not a post detailing what I purchased from there, instead it is a round up of the things I absolutely loved and think they deserve an honorable mention!

Starting with the stall by FUNPARAZ


These gorgeous ladies were manning the first stall I fell in love with. They had the cutest stone cast birds and little bird baths that were too adorable and so affordable!


I mean just look at the price tag. And these were not flimsy rough cement. They were solid stone cast structures.


This two tiered bird bath decoration peice was for just Rs. 1800/-

Next, were these guys at Namoonay


They too had birds and bird bowls and baths (im obsessed, hai na). But theirs were heavier, bigger, more intricate and had a heftier price tag.

They however, also had individual birds that I had been searching for, (Jeez!) in different positions with prices slashed from Rs. 750 each to Rs. 500 (YAY for me)


Also got them to sell me these little wood and feather birds in a nest (for my own DIY Project) which were part of another installation they had made. But bless my power of persuasion (read: nag).


So pyaari!

And finally, the main reason why I went to this event in the first place; Food for your Face!

I had, in my mind already selected the charcoal mask aka Gray Matter for me…Annnnddd I could have ordered it from the page too, but with the event coming up I couldn’t waste the opportunity to try the entire FFyF line. Which by the way, now includes sugar scrubs, hair masks and creams!


And finally, here I am a happy camper, with just my shopping bags in full technicolor glory coz they deserve the attention!


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Ps: The review of “Gray Matter, Magic Mulberry and Rumi’s Notes” face masks/cleansers will be in another post, keep watching this space.

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  1. Maliha Rao says:

    Aaah I missed it :/

  2. Jadirah Sarmad says:

    Need to try Food For Your Face now! xx

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  3. maya's blog says:

    The birds look so cute, nice event

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