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The new Shan Foods ad deserves its own special place in my heart and therefore on my blog.
The absolutely emotional and brilliantly executed TVC tugs at your heart regardless of wether you live a continent away from home or just a couple of blocks, because really; Ammi ke hath ka khana…Nothing beats it right?

And thats the essence that Shan Foods has been successfully providing for almost 30 years now. That beautiful fragrant taste thats synonymous with Home.

To let you in on a not-so-well-kept secret, I am useless in the kitchen! Mainly because with the never ending studies leading to corporate slavery never gave me the time to inherit mom’s cooking skills. So when right after my wedding, I was asked to make biryani by the hubby, I obviously panicked. Unfortunately mom was away for Umrah in those days so I couldn’t even just call her right away and whine and ask how to go about it.

Thats when Shan’s infamous Bombay Biryani Masala came to the rescue. In rapid furtive movements, the masala was dumped on to the meat and the box quickly hidden from sight. The result…beautiful Biryani. Just like home!

The husband didn’t find out for a very long time till he chanced upon the entire cabinet dedicated to these life saving little yellow boxes *sheepish grin* Now he just accepts it!


Some of their highly recommended Masala fusions I personally love are:

1. Bombay Biryani (of course)
2. Punjabi Yakhni Pullao (Because Im a memon married to a Punjabi and our taste buds don’t match. This is a LIFE SAVER)
3. Daal Masala (for when you want to have a deliciously spiced complexly flavored Daal)
4. Tikka Masala (This left over masala in the pot once cooked is MIND BLOWING with plain boiled rice)
5. Curry Powder (Once again, the Punjabi husband’s fav for the delicate kinda chicken or mutton curry)
6. Qorma Masala (My fav for chicken curries coz I like the spicier more aromatic taste. Use this to make your everyday chicken curry and it just kicks the dish up several notches)

Which one is your favorite?
Do you have your personal renditions of using these spices in your signature dishes? Tell me and we’ll talk ;)

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