The best “Birth Announcement Favor” makers in town!

This post is a long due shout out to three super talented women who make the world’s cutest birth announcement favors and graphics. And yes, the world’s coz they made some for my little world and that makes it the world’s best *grin*

Before I begin, let me tell you I am a borderline OCD in getting absolute perfection when it comes to things that I am very emotional about. That, topped with pregnancy hormones made me a total Momzilla and had it not been for these amazing ladies, I would have made a couple of vendors very very miserable

First up, these lovely pre-birth announcement cards were hung on the Baby Shower favors which were sent out only to the select few extra special people, and that makes these cards extra special too.(close up of the card below)

Designed by Abeer Kasiri, the driving force behind the facebook page AK Toonify. As the name suggests Abeer specializes in making caricatures and pop cultur-esque toons of people, corporate logos and other customized services that require graphic designing and a flair for making things look pretty! Check out her page HERE!


Another quirky idea I had in my mind was to make all family members (who I knew would be pacing the hospital corridors like mad) wear badges that flaunted their relation with Baby M to the world!
The minute I thought of badges, I thought of Hera Awais of Life.Twinkles who not only makes customized gorgeousness but has made magnets and badges for me previously as well. Hera did a beautiful and a highly customized job of designing each with a custom feature of each relative in mind. Even if someone looked at the design without reading the title, they’d know who it was for.

I tell you, when the nurses were shifting my woozy self from the OT to the room and I saw all my loved ones standing in a line in the corridor, each wearing this badge, pink in the face and tears of joy in their eyes….BEST FEELING EVER…and I owe this to Life.Twinkles!

Ps: Hera makes the cutest baby books and milestone frames that will make your ovaries explode, so don’t forget to check the entire page out!


And finally, the Birth Announcement that had to go out to the worrrrrrld.

Before I had even planned on having a baby, I had decided that only Noveen of All That Sparkle is going to be the one to handle this massive job. Her work and her page are proof of the mad skills and meticulous craftsmen ship she has for making things from scratch and making them oh-so-utterly-beautiful!
Each crown was handmade, each skirt neatly sewn, each accessory beautifully put together!

Noveen had discussed options, designs and budgets with me at length, she sent over rough samples and got each tiny aspect from the jars to the font on the announcement card approved even though I had told her she has complete authority on them. This picture has been on her page since she delivered them to me so I’m sure some of you must have already seen these and the badges Hera made on their respective pages.

Another customized gift I ordered with Noveen a month after Baby M’s birth was a Father’s day frame that completely blew away Baba F. He (& his his friends on fb) officially declared this frame as the BEST GIFT he ever got!



And there you have it. A list of amazing people to turn to if you want your most precious moments commemorated that is #MariumApproved *wink*

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  1. Nadia Najam says:

    pretty awesome these are quite Fashionistic too.
    Lady in Red liked it.

  2. Jadirah Sarmad says:

    Omg these looks so adorable! ♥ Congrats, by the way! :) x

    Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

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