#review – What is Bogo.Pk all about?

This post has been due for a while, I know.
But with good reason!

When it comes to a local service, it’s a must that I try it for myself before giving a review because it just works better for everyone that way. Readers who get influenced don’t feel duped into buying something not worth the price (and ultimately hating me) while the brand/product/service perform better with honest encouragement and healthy criticism.

Bogo.pk sent me their voucher book and a delish box of cupcakes!
Oh man they were good cupcakes!

BOGO is limited to KARACHI based outlets only for now and claims to give savings worth Rs. 400,000 by purchasing this book in Rs. 2000.
The claim is not false, but you can only save 400K IF you use all the vouchers till December 2016.
More power to you if you can, but even if you can’t you’ll definitely get the bang for your buck in using just a couple too.

HOWEVER, this book is limited to Karachi based outlets and valid only for Dine-in or Take away. NOT DELIVERY

Judging by the cover, the book was beautifully printed (none of the cardboard shit) and vouchers properly perforated.
My OCD totally acts up with torn vouchers, sorry!

Brands Covered:

Food Brands:
Bogo although has a majority of coupons for those brands which are considerably new, there are still a number of popular favorites like Johnny Rockets, Del Frio, Red Apple, Gloria Jeans, Broadway Pizza, Red Emperor, Vintage and more.

SPA and Salons:
This portion excites me. I love getting pampered via massages and pedicures and let’s face it, which woman does not go to a salon at least once a month for one service or the other. Bogo has vouchers for Rain Tree popular for massages, Mona J whose popular for hair coloring services, Mascara and Depilex amongst more.

As much as I would have loved to see some movie tickets in here, I’m not disappointed by their absence since it’s Bogos first year. With Diver’s Reef, Bounce and Body beats in there, it’s still a lot of fun.
BUT, thats not all for this section. This portion gives you AMAZING vouchers for room stays and tours in THAILAND and DUBAI. I mean OMG, thats amazeballs people!

New, much appreciated section. If you have your or a friend’s wedding, birthday, baby shower, graduation etc coming up, use these vouchers or gift them. The person who avails these will love you for it.

Now this section is one that needs more, next year if not now. But i truly believe that retail vouchers will what will set BOGO’s success in future for sure. For now there are a few you can shop from!


Each book has its custom ID that you need to activate via sms and just remember to take this book along with you.
Easy Peasy.

Is it worth it?

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  1. Hi, lovely review. Great attention to detail. We’re collecting feedback from customers and working to make the experience better. Also we do have delivery for a few brands.

    Take care.

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