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Masarrat Misbah, a revered name in the Pakistani beauty industry is also the life force behind the Depilex chain of beauty salons and clinics.

Recently when I got an invitation to a new line of cosmetics launched by the lady MM herself, I was excited; but there was more. The line claimed to be ‘Certified Halal’ as it did not use any forbidden or harmful ingredients like Pig Fat or Parabens and neither did the finances go into or come from any unethical practices.

However my post is not to contest about the Halal factor but to simply review the product as a Make-up Junkie would!

Upon entering the salon in Karachi, I did not expect to be greeted or groomed personally by Masarrat Misbah or her niece Hafsa; but there they were giving the bunch of us a personal one by one of each and every product in the range

Blush Swatches:

So here’s the thing. I shy away from bright color or shimmer on my cheeks. Hence while swatching these shades, i did give them full marks on pigmentation and texture but casted them aside for my personal NC30 – severely yellow grey skin tone. Whereas my fair-er counterparts were gushing and drooling over them.

BUT…when I grudgingly brushed the bright pink Radiance on the high of my cheeks, the color completely adapted to my skin tone and looked like a healthy glow instead. 10 on 10 I say!


Liquid Lipsticks & Glosses:

I have a weak spot in my <3 for liquid lippies and I LOVE THESEEEE OMGGGG!
They glide on smooth, dry out smooth to a smooth matte finish that does not crack or blister in an hour. stays on and on and on.
The 4 colors from left to right are the liquid matte ones. In love with Magento (bright hot pink with purple undertones) and Fuchsia Rouge (a muted purple perfect for office wear)

In glosses, I love Dahlia. That color is so me that I actually suggested Masarrat Misbah that she should name it after me. MM was lovely enough not to kick me out over it ;). super pigmented, and non sticky.
The glosses, like ALL glosses do bleed, so apply a liner and you are good to go.
I’m waiting for MM to add more shades to both.


Bullet Lipsticks

By the time I had come down to swatching lipsticks, it was time for me to head into the makeover room with MM, but here’s a quick shot for reference. The creme sheen liquids are amazing whereas I do feel the Long Lasting Matte ones are very drying.
PS: the colors on MM website look extremely dark so don’t fall for it and search for an actual swatch instead.



finally; the MM Makeup Silk Foundation and compacts:

Boy o Boy. These babies are cosmetic genius!
I have extreme dark circles, pigmentation around my mouth and uneven skin tone all over, its so bad that I can’t even think of applying my MAC Studio fix fluid NC 30 without a heavy layer of orange corrector, concealers and later coated with powder. (which then obviously creases like mad)

This little bottle of MM Silk Foundation though, covers everything up like a charm. For the first time I feel like my skin can breathe through makeup while giving me full coverage and it stays on FOREVEERRRRR.
I tested it in sweltering heat in an outdoor shoot where i sweated as if i had faucets attached to my face…it did not budge.
I tried it at the beach and it braved the dips in harsh salt water.

See for yourself. (My vanity is all bruised at showing you guys my no-makeup face :p but its fir a good cause)

Made with Square InstaPic


See the difference?

I fluctuate between NC 30 & NC35 in MAC and I still feel they didn’t suit me as beautifully as MMmakeup Silk Foundation in MOCHA did.

Here are swatches of MAC Studio Fix Fluid and Prolong Wear foundations in NC 30. Both are yellow-er than Mocha. Also, I do feel that MAC shades are very broad spectrum, hence a person may fit perfectly in either Beige or Mocha (MM Makeup) while being an NC 30 in MAC.


This foundation dries quickly and a little goes a long way, so your fingers would be the best way to work with it. Also it feels a little sticky till its dusted with powder but thats a good thing as the little stickiness acts as a primer to brighten up your blushes and eyeshades.

exhibit A ;)



Is this on my MUST BUY list?



17 Responses

  1. Maliha Rao says:

    ooooh you are a Mocha? I am an Almond :)

  2. Huda BBloger says:

    I really enjoyed reading your post :) and those swatches are so helpful :)

  3. syhr says:

    what about the silk compact powder for nc30

  4. Amal sumbal says:

    Hey marium..i also just bought this foundation shade yesterday. I feel that this shade in mocha has two tones(if u see from ur swatch) the base color is lighter than the background.dont u think so?what i feel is tht when i apply it initially its a light colour but when i start to blend it in it turns orange(color on the background).do u also feel tht way?

    • Marium says:

      I think half of your comment is missing there Amal.
      If by 2 tone you mean thrres a yellow tone to the base color then yes, thats what matches our skins undertone to the foundations

  5. how can i buy online mmm silk foundation in shade beige.on your website required color is not available.

  6. maham malik says:

    Em fair complexion can u tell me which shade do I buy ?? I usually used Ivory of Tv stick plx do help

    • Marium says:

      Ideally you should go and swatch the foundation on your skin but in very broad terms, you would probably fall somewhere between fair and beige

      • Fatima says:


        • Marium says:

          Hi Fatima
          sweetie, I cannot recommend foundation online since each formula appears differently on different skin type; So i highly suggest trying them on in person.
          the great thing about MM makeup is that its available EVERYYYYYWHERE, so you shouldnt have too much trouble going to your nearest makeup shop and trying them on :)

    • Fatima says:

      Same here!!!

  7. Khulood Khan says:

    Hi Marium, great makeover mashaAllah.. I’m based in Bahrain and cannot have direct view of any of Masarrat Misbah Makeup products, nor they’re responding to my msgs. Hence I reach yourself being an expert and since you have appraised MM much and we can see why, so based on my M.A.C compatibility (Pro-longwear foundation – nc 37 and 40); could you tell me which of the MM foundations you would recommend me to use as complete coverage, and which could serve me as highlight and contour? Thank you..

    • Marium says:

      Hi Khulood
      thanks for reading this alllll the wayyy from bahrain.
      Im almost the same skin tone as you and I wear Mocha in MM Silk foundation
      HOWEVER, I’ve heard their new shades are a bit different so I might have to go try them on again and see if Mocha still matches me or if I’d have to change
      for highlight and contour, Id recommend going for a different brand because MM foundations are very very high coverage and might rub the foundation layer away as you blend. so go for LA pro concealers in Beautiful Bronze and Universal Beige instead or maybe the Anastasia medium contour kit

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