#Review | Elf moisturizer & cleansing cloths

Ladies & gentlemen,

Meet my face’s new best friends.

Elf Daily Hydrating Moisturizer 


And the Elf Gentle Hydrating Cleansing Cloths


It was a case of instant awesomeness as I had mentioned on my Snapchat too but I still wanted to use it for atleast a month before posting my final verdict on these.

Just a background, I have a new night time skin lovin routine that involves Eventone (doctors prescription only) & Kiehl’s midnight recovery serum. But my dry winter days were completely vacant, so as soon as Elf sent these products over; I found myself reaching for them on a daily basis.


Its a non-greasy, easily absorbing formula that feels hydrating and cool on the skin. It has been keeping my usually flaky winter skin away so that proves its working.

The best part, its paraben and sulfate free so no chemical shitstorm babies!

On the flip side, the straw thingy under its pump is pretty short so that will create a tiny issue as the product decreases…BUT…since its a soft squeezy tube you can just twist it open and slather away!

Cleansing Cloths:

I am in the middle of a very happening wedding in my own house these days, which means Heavy Makeup EVERYDAY!

Im a super lazy ass and would normally sleep with my makeup on but since I have a night time skin care routine now I have to remove my makeup and apply the creams.

The solution, these wipes!

I have tried a couple of baby wipes earlier but each gave me a rash near my lips and also felt greasy AF.

These on the other hand are mild, cool and hydrating. They wont strip every bit off of makeup ofcourse but you can use a strong oil based remover first and them wipe the icky oiliness off with these.

On a no makeup face, I absolutely love wiping my face and neck with these cleansing cloths specially after a day of sun and shopping. My parched skin practically drinks up the hydration and ohhh the grime and dust it takes off…heaven.

Just one teeny tiny minor con (with every pack of wipes TBH) the plastic lid comes off the pack easily so just be careful there. If left open the hydrating water evaporates rapidly leaving you with just some cloths.

All in all, these items are going on my repurchase list. Infact I’m ordering another pack of wipes on their page right now.

These can also be ordered via www.elfcosmetics.pk at the same time connect with them on instagram here -> www.instagram.com/elfcosmeticspk

Ps: Elf Pakistan sent these products for a review but all reviews and recommendations are 100% ethical and honest

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  1. shaheena says:

    AA..Mariyam..read your review about these products..as you are a blogger of elf products..i would like to have an advice for my daughter aged 19…with dry to normal skin..She had a light to wheatish healthy complexion with no apparent skin problems..but now her complexion has gone from wheatish to dull dark skin..rather quite dark with dryness and chapped lips and a few pimples here and there..she is a self conscious person..tries to keep her hands,feet and face happy. :)…but..now her face has lost its shine and beauty..please guide me about some elf product that would be helpful her freshness..it should be a cream or lotion suited tp her skin and age and not any makeup to camoflauge the damaged skin.thanks.i would appreciate your help.

    • Marium says:

      WS Shaheena and thanks for stopping by!
      Since your daughter is a school going age, I’m sure the darkness is being caused due to sun exposure so first and foremost she needs to start applying sunblock with high spf.
      now for skin, since every skin differs completely in terms of reactions and results, I would suggest you consult a dermatologist or a beautician.
      do tell her to spray her face with pure rose water, use sun block and lip balm and keep herself hydrated and moisturized <3

  2. faiza says:

    Hi marium, i wanted to buy moisturizer but i cant find elf moisturizer in Pakistan

    • Marium says:

      Hi Faiza
      Send me your contact details on my fb page’s inbox so I can forward it to Elf Pakistans manager and hopefully help you out here

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