Nude Eye Makeup that’s perfect for Work

Tired of the routine office look day in and day out with the same kohl rimmed eyes or prim and proper gash of liner?

Nudes can be spiced up and office makeup can go from boring to sexy apprentice with this tutorial, but before you apply the colors, you have to prep the canvas.
Step one:
Apply your favorite foundation all over your face followed up layering on a concealer to cover the dark circles. Most concealers also work as primers if they are mattefying; but if yours isn’t, apply a good primer all over the eyelid right up to the brows.
Step two:
pick a nude shade that’s one shade darker than your skin and apply it all over your lid and crease. Next using a fluffy shadow brush, blend it in a V shape slightly outwards and diffuse it between the crease and the brow. By doing this, you are literally sculpting the shape of your eye and making it look bigger.

In the picture: Buck (Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Substitute: Nude shades from the MUA Heaven & Earth Palette
Step three:
pick a black eye shade and using a pencil brush (pencil shaped sponge applicator) line the outer one-third of your lower lash line. Sweep it outwards – then arch the same line up towards the crease. What you have now is a “ < “ shaped line. Fill the inside of this line from the extended portion to less than a third of your lid with the same shade.
Now blend till the lines diffuse into a soft gradient that has added some depth to the outer V’s of your eye

Tip: if you are having trouble diffusing the shade, pick some of the nude shadow on your brush and blend it in.

In the picture: Creep (Urban Decay Naked Palette)

Substitute: MAC Carbon or Rimmel Jet black

Step four:
Line your lower lash line with a dark charcoal grey (ideally slightly shimmery) from the outer rim where you have your dark shadow lined already, right up to the inner corner. The layering of shades on the outer corner will again add depth and sultriness to your eyes while transitioning into a soft smokey lash line.

In the picture: Gun Metal (Urban Decay Naked Palette)
Substitute: Lust – wet & Wild 6 Pan

Step Five: Mascara!

nude eyes tutorial


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