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Kashang, an online brand dealing in exquisitely hand crafted and totally Pakistani products like the acclaimed Qalamkaar shawls, hand made jewelry, accessories and home furnishings.



But Kashang is not just a business venture, in fact it is a project that celebrates the rich heritage, culture and talented artisans from rural Pakistan. With an aim to empower local craftsmen, specially women through global exposure as well as contributing towards their training and education.


Kashang’s core values are enweaved in portraying Pakistan in better light to the world; hence with a proud ‘Made in Pakistan’ label, these products are rapidly making their place in the international market.

So when you make a purchase, and I hope you do; it’s not just for the exquisite beauty of each item but also know that your money will be going to help support and sustain rural artisans and women empowerment

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