#LaunchDiaries – Infinix Hot S

Infinix Mobility has officially launched Hot S & Noise cancelling earphones in Pakistan and I got a chance to check it out personally!

For it’s standard features, you can check out their website since this post is what I found interesting; and i.e.

1. Their Noise cancelling headphones

They actually work! It’s like you are in your little bubble of music. You can’t hear the annoying slapping sound of the cleaning lady whacking the duster away at the lampshade behind you or the kids screaming. Bliss!

2. The Bod:

Aluminum / titanium whatever, it’s gorgeous to look at! Sleek, shiny, dark, mysterious. Yes please!

3. Magic Movie feature:

Beauty blogging is a lot about putting everything on your face and then putting your fave everywhere. A bad skin tone day can hence ruin a LOT of content. Magic movie not only offers a very easy video editing software but also adds filters to them to pretty up those million dollar under eye bags

Priced at a pretty decent Rs. 16ish-K, this cellphone seems to be pressing all the right buttons!

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