#HalloweenMakeupTutorial | Doe a Deer!

Hello homies,

Its that time of the year when no one judges me for putting on copious amounts of makeup on my face in the name of Halloween and dress up.

This time, I did two completely different looks.

The first is a cutesy little Doe. Easy Peasy and looks utterly adorable.




Step 1:

Prime, prep and conceal your face with your regular foundation and concealers.
Used here are:
– MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC 25
– Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer
– Ben Nye banana powder to set the under eye area
– Kryolan translucent powder over all

Step 2:

Using any creamy white pencil, map out the area that will appear white. That is your under eye region, the nose, the maxillary region and 1/3rd of the forehead.
Make sure you follow the shape of the nose below as that will determine a major characteristic of your look
Used here:
– NYX Jumbo pencil in MILK


Step 3:

– Using a buffing brush or a sponge, lightly smudge the texture of the white under your eyes and on the nose so it smooths out but doesn’t fade away
– Buff the forehead and maxillary area more so the white is more of a cloudy highlighted look  that fades in a gradient.
– Now apply a matte white eyeshade to set it in place
Used here:
– Sugarpill matte eyeshade in Tako
– UD Eyeshadow brush

– While you are at it, fill in your brows with any matte black eyeshade and then drag in the inner corners down towards the side of the nose
Used here:
– Sugarpill matte eyeshade in bullet proof
– MAC Angled brush



Step 4:

Now to add the tawny flush under the white area.
To do this, you need to apply a tan orange brown shade in a V shape on your cheeks as shown below.
Since I didnt have the exact shade I wanted, I mixed:
– Etude blush in 06 (brown)
– Sugarpill eyeshade in flamepoint (orange)
– Appled with an angled blush brush by Kryolan
You can use your fingers too if your brush diffuses the pigmentation or the angle
– Finally blend out the edges with the white above and with your skin below so there are no sharp lines



Step 5:

And now for the fun, final part.

– Using a matte black liquid liner, outline the white mapping on your nose, going up to the inner edge of your brows. Fan out to create join the lines with the upper and lower edge of the brows and fill in any gaps
– Next, outline the lower edge of the white line under your eye following an almond shape.
– once dried, make a classic thick winged liner on your upper lid but drag the wing out more than usual
– match the lengths of both the upper and lower liners
– Lastly, either apply falsies to the lower edge of make some faux lashes with your liner (looks equally cute!)


Step 6:

– Using your white pencil, make 3 circles on the brown flush on your cheeks
– Apply a nude lippie
& Voila!


How easy was that?

I was a bit of a lazy bum here so did not do anything to my hair, but what you can do is make a center parting and make 2 side ways puffs and clip it up.

If you are feeling extra fancy, wear a forehead band and stick some twigs behind your ears to make antlers!


What look did you carry?
Share a link :)


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  1. perfect :)
    you did it so well

  2. sanabil says:

    wow you look so cute

  3. shizablogger says:

    stunning dear awesome job just love it <3 http://shizasblog.blogspot.com/

  4. Isma Munir says:

    looking like an anime character :)

    Love XoxoX

  5. Fab says:

    I love this one. Great job and great tutorial. You explain each step with such depth and ease. Amazing job.

  6. towhida sultana says:

    wow marium u r excellent dear my fb id towhida sultana

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