#FashionReview | #Ego is back!

Ladies, listen up coz I have fantastic news!
The brand that was probably one of the very first gave us great PRET wear has made a comeback with a bang!
I remember how back in school, Ego with its only outlet in Zamzama was The place to get super cool seperates from, and man did we wear that side label with pride!
EGO has launched its all new collection with not just ready to wear shirts but also unstitched suits, shoes, accessories and jewelry, all under one roof! 
pretty…isn’t it?
I’m absolutely lusting after the pretty cuffs and midi rings too!
Though what has me excited most is their range of unstitched clothes.
Can you comprehend the level of cool that can happen with Ego’s design aesthetics mixed with the liberty of custom fittings?
You get what I’m saying right?
Despite of all these massive upgrades, Ego continues to be completely affordable with prices ranging between 1500 to 5000 only!
You can view & shop Ego’s new collection on www.WeAreEgo.com
I also have a phenomenal giveaway about to happen on my blog & FB page sponsored by Ego, so watch out for it.!

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  1. Awesome..and you said giveaway?? Aaahhhh I’m already excited

  2. sabababbar says:

    wonderful collection :)

  3. i am entered hope to be lucky

  4. towhida sultana says:

    wow nice i like it dear :)

  5. niki says:

    wow collection specialy rings ❤️

  6. Rabiya jehangir says:

    Each and every thing is amazing :)

  7. Afsana prasla says:

    fab collection Thanks for sharing <3

  8. Isma Munir says:

    Awesome pret wear! and the rings are gorgeous!

  9. Asifa Majid says:

    I love Ego

  10. saba says:

    i love this..very nice collection

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