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56c59b_9f42e5709511430caaa750c817340fd42017 has started out as a great year to satisfy my DIY cravings. I’ve made countless little knick knacks for my party decor, as favors and just to fancy-up gift giving AND I LOVED MAKING THEM. It’s definitely some level of therapy even if it just involves gluing stuff together.

For today, I am sharing an easy peasy & a super inexpensive DIY involving mini cages that are all the rage these days. I initially made these as Baby Shower giveaways (which you must have spotted here) and they turned out so pretty that I’ve stocked up more to use as amp-ed up gift boxes and for decor.

I absolutely adore these as gift boxes as opposed to the standard cardboard boxes. This screams custom and fancy and reflects the effort that goes into thinking about the person you got the gift for. Also amongst us girls, we often gift each other substantially pricey makeup items which are tiny in size and look not-worth-its-price when it rolls about in a gift bag. Now imagine gifting someone a Tom Ford lipstick in this cage *hearts in eyes*

You Need:

- Cages:
mini cages come anywhere between Rs. 50 to Rs. 130 depending on the quantity, where you buy them from and how hard of a bargain you drive. I’ve quoted an average price of Rs. 100 here in case you buy less than 3 pieces online

- Spray paint:
for Rs. 180, this spray can will paint approx 50 cages easily. So in actuality, the paint cost would just be Rs. 4 per cage.

- Fake flowers with wire:
local craft stores have these small flower bunches at the rate of a dime a dozen. I got  pack of 10 bunches for Rs. 200 from Paras and thats on the pricey side. Per cage they would hardly amount to Rs. 20. just make sure they have a wire stem to save yourself from the glueing mess.

– Any additional props based on the theme you have in mind. The faux glass ornaments in my pic are available at every craft store in different shapes. You can also think creatively and basically use anything to amp it up further.



Embellishing them:

Most of the cages I purchased from different sources but all of them came with chipped paint. A layer of paint perks and glosses them up just fine. If yours doesn’t need paint, Yippee Yay!
Once the paint is completely dry, separate 3 to 4 individual flowers from the bunch and start!


Step 1: Position the first flower beside the top metal ring with the wire going inside the cage.

Step 2: loop the wire from beneath the lid, bring it back up and again and twist it around the metal ring to secure it in place. you don’t need glue even if the flower feels loose. It will set in place once you add more flowers around the ring. If you really must, just tighten the wire around the ring and you are set.

Step 3: this just shows what the loop would look like from under the lid. You could just twist it around the metal ring but looping it from under it just secures it better.

Step 4: repeat step 1 and then step 2 to secure it with more flowers. I stopped with 3 flowers to make a floral crown sorta top but feel free to add more if you want to

Step 5: Once you are done with all the flowers, this is what the secured wires will look like from the underside. its super neat and not visible at all

Step 6: step back and admire the pretty thing you just created

Additional: Hot glue any additional props you want on the metal ring. For neatness’ sake, make sure the glue gets concealed by flowers, which thanks to the wires can be moved around if needed.
For the baby shower theme, I stuck an assortment of faux crystal pacifiers, teddy bears and on a different project, butterflies…and they all look gorgeous.



or the other version…


Finally, layer it with a piece of stiff net, tissue, crepe paper strips or nothing it all. Place small gifts like chocolates, single nail polish or lipstick tubes, cupcake, tiny ornaments or even flowers for the love of all things pretty.


and because I’m so generous, here’s another inspo for a bigger cage using glue on foam flowers and wired floral bunches. I made this to gift a Spa set to someone.


gorgeous, aren’t they?

If you make any inspired by these, do show them to me via my facebook page or on snapchat <3


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  1. Jadirah Sarmad says:

    This is such a cute idea! :) x

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad | Jasmine Catches Butterflies ʚϊɞ

  2. JayBee Qadri says:

    These look gorgeous!

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