#DIY | Spa Date For Your Makeup Brushes

In an ideal world where everything was glittery, rosy and pretty, we’d be washing our makeup brushes every WEEK!

Did you just say it’s been Months you haven’t washed them? really girl?
welcome to the club *fist bump* I haven’t either!

It seems like such a massive chore deep cleansing each and every one, buying X liquid cleanser and Y solid cleanser and Z silicon cleanser pads. Meh, not really. You can easily do without the pricey knick knacks and easily clean them with ingredients lying at home that do the job equally well. Here’s how…

Things you need:

- Olive oil
- Handwash
- A shallow platter or a dish
- Bowl of clean water
- A small towel
- Tissues or paper towels (optional)
- Faux flowers to make your brushes feel special (totally optional and depends on your relationship with them. Lol!)
- Your icky dirty bad boys … I mean the brushes. Duh!


Tip: Set these near a wash basin so you can readily have a change of water and the ease of rinsing your dish. I prefer changing the water after every brush just so I can track exactly when the brush is completely clean

Washing the brushes:


Step 1: Mix one part olive oil & 3 parts handwash. A number of tutorials tell you to go half n half but I feel it makes brushes excessively oily and more prone to becoming a dust and bacteria magnet. 1 part olive oil is enough to break down the gunk in your brushes and keep the bristles conditioned.

step 2: Gently swirl your brush around in the mix till the makeup residue breaks down. You see how my mix has turned into gloopy brown yuckiness? Now this mix will not CLEAN your brush but just break down the residue enough for it to be rinsed out so swirl the brush around till you see each bristle liberally coated with lather. Takes around 2 to 3 minutes of swirling and tapping. Ps: don’t push your brush against the flow of the bristles.

Step 3: Dip the bristles in the water and gently rub away the gloop. be gentle and don’t push the bristles in the opposite direction. Squeeze the bristles gently to remove left over water. Repeat washing till the water runs clear once your squeeze.

Step 4: If you want to be extra thorough, gently dap the brush on some tissues. This will not only drain out excess water but if theres any residue left in the brushes, the stain of color should be clear. Don’t shy away from repeating steps 2 & 3 if needed.

Step 5: Hello squeaky cleanliness!

Some more pro-tips before proceeding further!

– Bigger fluffier brushes will tend to soak up all of your Oil/Wash mix. Thats ok. Add more and massage a bit during this process too. My face brushes like the Morphe contour brush, Kryolan blush brush and the Color Studio stippling brush needed thrice the amount of mix as compared to the smaller ones.

– For the smaller brushes, a regular sized batch can easily clean up to 3 brushes. Just keep their gloops away from each other


You will be appalled at the amount of product all these tools soak in.

Never, ever, dunk your entire brush in water or scrub at the wooden ends of it. you will ruin your brush forever.

Drying your brushes:

I need you to focus here because this is the most important part. your brushes need to be air dried and it needs time to fluff back into its original shape and this magic happens in 2 parts.

– Roll your tower over twice to make a step kind of a situation. Refer to the picture below. As soon as you rinse and pat them on a tissue. place them gently on the towel, brush side downwards. The tail end needs to be on the step you created with the roll and the bristles need to be downward inclined on the lower end. This is to make sure no amount of water travels back in to the insides of your brush and ends up eating away the glue or rotting the wood inside. Leave them on the towel for half n hour.


– Once the bristles aren’t drippy any more, place them bristles up in their holders and let them air dry and get back in shape. Don’t smoosh them in together. Get more containers to hold them if its a tight fit.

Check out the before and after picture of my Stippling brush. Damn!


Want a video of this tutorial? Let me know :)

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  1. Kiran says:

    Great post, it is amazing what you can clean your brushes with, I use baby shampoo or antibacterial hand soap it works a treat. Thanks for sharing, will definitely try this xxx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  2. Zubaida says:

    I am definitely going to try this DIY once i finish my brush cleanser shampoo. The result is really good.

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