[CSR] ‘Save a Child a Minute’ by Reckitt Benckiser

Many of you may not know of Reckitt Benckiser (RB) but will be aware of Dettol, a house hold name for the most trusted anti-bacterial in Pakistan.

RB and Plan International Pakistan, an NGO, have collaborated to design and test a new approach to reduce the incidence of diarrhoea amongst under-five children by improving the health, hygiene and sanitation conditions under the banner of “Save a Child a Minute” in Pakistan.
Their vision is to reduce and ultimately eliminate mortality from diarrhoea by empowering women and spreading awareness of its causes, symptoms and how to avoid it.

As the second leading cause of deaths among under-five children, diarrhea kills 53,000 children annually in Pakistan alone.
Rashid Javed, Country Director Plan International Pakistan; based on his experience of Sanitation Marketing announced that they will be now moving forward to test a new model of women entrepreneurship based on helping communities to adopt improved hygiene behaviours and sustaining them through a sustainable supply chain.

Shahzeb Mehmood, CEO RB Pakistan highlighted the key points of the project, during his speech he stated that RB has always aimed to provide healthier homes and happier lives through trusted brands such as Dettol, Mortein, Harpic and many more. This global initiative simultaneously being run in Pakistan, Nigeria and India seeks to eradicate diarrhoea and improve general health and hygiene of the low-income consumers by habit change.

This campaign is empowering women: by providing them with health and sanitation products that can help them fight diseases like diarrhoea. Locally hired women from lower economic class are given these goods (from RB and other private partners such as Searle, Shan Foods, Peak Freans and Santex) are given these goods at a discount and they sell them door-to-door and earn a commission on them. RB has specifically designed a low-cost anti-bacterial soap just for this campaign under the Dettol brand name.

Contrary to popular belief, although children living in underprivileged areas are more susceptible to diarrhea due to sanitation, your children and those of your family and friends may also fall victim to it if exposed to unhygienic food, clothes, water etc
So where awareness is extremely important for rural and uneducated women, it is equally important for woman of all socio-economic classes especially in 3rd world countries like ours.

To follow the progress on this initiative, track the following hashtags on twitter or instagram
#healthierlives #happierhomes

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