#HalloweenMakeupTutorial 2 | Edward Scissor Face!

Hey again,

omg 2 tutorials in 1 day..what sorcery! ;)

But since I don’t have the patience to wait an entire year to post this, here we go.

After the Halloween Deer Look, which was all cutesey, I present a creepy Edward Scissor ‘Face’ inspired by an editorial shoot I found on the net ages ago.




Not to0 difficult, Sachi!

Ok so Step 1:

– Prime, Prep and conceal your face like you would normally. Heavy coverage though so the entire focus remains on the look.

– Now heavily contour and highlight your nose and cheekbones. Don’t diffuse the highlighter too much coz the glow from under the slashes will make the entire look pop. See my paratha shine?

And that duck face is just to show the otherwise invisible cheeckbones acha :p

Used here:

-Etude Blush 06

– Buck from UD Naked

– Mac Soft & Gentle


Step 2

– kohl rim your waterline and smudge some kohl on your lid in a way that it thickens outwards. This will act as a base to hold on your black shadow for an intense look. Fill in your eyebrows while you are it it too.


Step 3

– Using the blackest black matte eye shadow you have, cover your lid up to your crease, blending as you go. once again retaining the outward flair.


Step 4

– And now for the fun part. Using a matte liquid liner or a pen, start making lines from the inner corner of your lower lash line going downwards and outwards.
Notice how for a number of lines, I’ve used the same starting point?

– Then do the same from your outer going downwards but inwards so that you start intersecting the previous lines.

Repeat on both sides till you start filling in the gap. Even if you have to make lines away from the corners where you started. Add additional gashes to fill up spaces.

Used here:
Color Studio liquid liner in Hypno Eyes



– Now repeat the same thing for the upper lid area too going beyond your brows & then do the other eye!



Step 5:

– Line your lips with any matte pencil and blend in some matte black shadow to the outer V’s



Step 6:

– Add some more highlight on the bridge of the nose if needed

– top your lips with a nice red lippie and add gloss.

– Pose, Add a sexy filter to your pic and Upload! ;)

Disclaimer: The yellow light inside my eyes was added later and are not contacts. I also increased the contrast of the pic to make the imagery pop.
This is not an original idea but an inspiration!


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  1. Fab says:

    Very nice. Easy to do and really brings out the halloween in you.

  2. dudettestalk says:

    Hello there,
    I have nominated you for the “one lovely blog” award :)

  3. sahar awan says:

    Great work. This is awesome

  4. Naba Iqbal says:

    Hey there,
    I have nominated your blog for one lovely blog award :)

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